Friday, September 9, 2011

This Is Why The World Is Going To Hell In An Electronic Handbasket

I wonder if anybody can quantify the amount of wasted time or bandwidth or productivity that occurs as a result of people re-posting stupid shit over and over and over again on Facebook? You know the ones, the electronic chain letters. The ones that always end with "Keep this going, repost if you love Jesus" or "Repost this if you love your mother".

Here's a recent personal favorite of mine - "If you believe in God, DROP EVERYTHING and repost this. What do you have to loose ??"

Grammar - that's what I have to loose!!!


  1. It's son/daughter/wife/husband/grandparent/distant relative day! Re-post if you love son/daughter/wife/husband/grandparent/distant relative in the world!

    That is the one I hate.

    Oh, and I hate when they say "98% of people won't re-post this." What do those assholes know about statistics?! NOTHING!

  2. I think there should be a study, funded by the gubmint of course, that can actually put a price tag on this senseless mind-fuck activity. I'm sure it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 gabillion dollars.

  3. Man get some more posts up over here.